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HR Tax, Reward and Compensation & Benefits

HR Tax, Reward and Compensation & Benefits

HR professionals and more importantly Comp & Ben managers are on a day to day basis dealing with tax and social security issues .  Where and how much tax and social security are to be paid are questions that are not aloof vis-à-vis the current pandemic and the obligation /preference of an increasing number of employees to work from home.  A carefully weighted and planned international employment scheme can because of structural telework be thwarted.

The MVVP HR tax department assists companies respecting social security and taxation of the remuneration of employees and self-employed.

The MVVP HR tax department’s services encompass, among other things, the international mobility of employees and directors (such as secondment and salary split); the special assessment system for foreign executives and specialised employees; stock option plans and other long term incentive plans, whether or not linked to the grant of shares; the start-up and supervision of payroll administration in Belgium and abroad; the preparation and filing of resident and non-resident income tax returns as well as making all kinds of tax simulations, including determining the employer’s cost.