MVVP advocaten / avocats

Name: MVVP advocaten / avocats
Legal form: civil cooperative limited liability corporation (registered in the Register of Legal Entities in Brussels under number 0829.955.160).
Corporate offices: Tervurenlaan 270 Avenue de Tervueren, 1150 Brussels (Belgium)
Telephone: +32/2/285.01.00
Fax: +32/2/230.33.39

MVVP is a partnership as regulated by the Orde van Vlaamse Balies (Order of Flemish Bar Associations) by its rules of 8 November 2006 concerning forms of collaboration between lawyers and concerning one-person professional corporations of lawyers. You can turn to MVVP for advice, litigation before the courts of justice and the administrative authorities, and assistance in negotiations. Your case will be dealt with, under the responsibility of MVVP, by the partner or the mandatary who will sign the correspondence, and who may be assisted by one or more associates. For all services rendered, election of domicile is made at MVVP’s corporate offices. The partner in charge can always be contacted at the address of the corporate offices and the phone and fax numbers indicated above, as well as at his or her personal email address. The rendering of services is governed by the rules of the Orde van Vlaamse Balies, the Conférence des Barreaux Francophones et Germanophones, and the Dutch and French orders of lawyers at the Brussels Bar. MVVP does not take part in organized multidisciplinary forms of collaboration.

MVVP partners:
• Peter Marx bvba, RPR Leuven 0877.126.854
• Kristoffel Vermeersch
• Jan Ravelingien bvba, RPR Leuven 0862.456.494
• Herman Croux bvba, RPR Brussel 0829.716.422
• Stefaan Verbouwe
• Bruno Blanpain
• Klaus Heinemann
• Eric Laevens bvba, RPR Leuven 0434.979.672

Mandataries of MVVP:

BVBAs (private limited liability company) are represented by the physical persons after whom they are named.
Professional liability is insured through Chartis Europe SA, Belgian branch office, Pleinlaan 11, 1150 Brussels. The insurance policy covers the consequences of acts committed anywhere in the world for services rendered from the corporate offices. Are excepted: claims filed in the United States of America or in Canada, or under the laws or the jurisdiction of the United States of America or Canada. The liability of MVVP and its lawyers is limited to the amount covered by its insurance.