3 December 2021

MVVP partner of the PrixFintroPrijs, Supporting Young Artists

The first award ceremony of the PrixFintroPrijs “Supporting Young Artists” took place on November 24th.

These awards support a number of young artists between the ages of 18 and 32 who demonstrate daring, vision and social commitment.

The PrixFintroPrijs is divided into three categories: moving art (film, theatre and dance), visual art (painting, sculpture and photography) and written art (literature). In each category there is a prize for the winner, prizes for the second and third finalist and a public prize.

The initiative for the PrixFintroPrijs comes from renowned author Toni Coppers in cooperation with Fintro bank, and is based on the belief in the creative power of young people and the fact that it is particularly difficult for young artists to make a name for themselves and build up a network during this pandemic.

The PrixFintroPrijs not only provides financial support for the laureates, but also offers a community, where the finalists can inspire each other and work together with a number of partners who provide professional and practical support.

MVVP, as one of these partners, provides exclusive webinars to guide the young up-and-coming talents through the legal labyrinth of the creative sector. Other partners include the Herman Teirlinck House, which offers a place of residence for writers, and the studio and arts centre Labiomista of visual artist Koen Vanmechelen, which offers a mentorship.

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