13 October 2018

AIJA seminar London

On 11-13 October 2018, Olivier Sasserath and Emilie Deturck attended the AIJA Art Law Today Seminar in London.

Olivier Sasserath moderated a panel discussing issues of copyright, freedom of art and moral rights in the context of transformative art and appropriation art.

The Art Law Today seminar dealt with many other interesting topics on Art Law, such as art fraud and counterfeits, art financing, art loss, opportunities to use Block Chain in the art market, the implications of Brexit for the art market, and many more.

Other than that, some of London’s best known graffiti artists and gallerists presented a different perspective on the art market, and spoke about their own experience of the Art World as it is today.

More information: https://www.aija.org/en/event-detail/379


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