5 January 2021

MVVP launches mediation practice

MVVP’s partner Peter Marx has been accredited by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission as a mediator. Peter took a basic mediation training course and a specialist mediation course (civil and commercial law) at Mediv.

As lawyers, we practice dispute resolution. Litigation often takes a long time, is expensive and has an uncertain outcome. Moreover, the parties often pay a high emotional price for continuing a dispute. Many conflicts can be resolved much faster, less costly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved through alternative dispute resolution.

The demand for mediation is rapidly growing.

In case of mediation, the solution to the conflict is not imposed by a third party (a judge or an arbitrator). The parties themselves come to a solution, which is more sustainable, fair and equitable. After all, the dispute belongs to the clients. As a neutral, impartial and independent mediator, Peter will help the parties to identify their real interests and concerns, restore the communication and assist in settling their dispute. Ideally parties will reach a settlement and a new relationship that goes beyond the conflict.

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