26 November 2016

Legal aspects of live streaming

At the 52ste conference of the Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe (Pearle) at Zürich (25-26 November 2016), the members discussed live experiences of performances online.

Performing arts organisations increasingly offer streaming services to their audiences, whilst facing many obstacles. Streaming of events is quite a challenge. Not only from a practical and technical point of view, but also from a legal point of view.

In a workshop led by Peter Marx (MVVP), participants of the conference discussed the legal challenges to streaming of events (concerts, theatre- and dance performances, opera,…). Peter Marx distinguished various business models and types of streaming (non-interactive and interactive) and explained which rights have to be acquired for each type of streaming (copyrights, neighboring rights, image rights, etc.). Peter identified the various right owners to be contacted during the clearance process (publishers, record labels, collecting societies, promoters, etc.). The participants also discussed a practical check list covering the various items that can be part of an agreement with regard to (live) streaming.

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