18 September 2018

Blue series

At the end of 2017, the new edition of the ‘Blue Series’ Labour Law, edited by Prof Frank Hendrickx and lawyer Chris Engels, was published. In order to indicate the living relevance of the labour law themes discussed, a series of three study days was offered in which classic themes were addressed looking at the most recent developments and their relevance to current affairs.

On 18 September 2018, the study day on part III of the ‘Blue series’ took place at the KULeuven.

Karlien was asked to take the floor as author of the paper on ‘protection against dismissal of workers’ representatives in the Works council and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work’. At the end of her lecture there was still time for an interesting discussion in which the topicality but also the pain points of this theme were expressed.

The themes ‘motivation for dismissal’, ‘restructuring of the company’ and ‘developments in the right to strike’ were also discussed at this third study day.

An interesting seminar at which trade unionists, magistrates, lawyers, academics and business people were present.
For more information about this theme, please contact Karlien.

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