10 February 2019

MVVP at winter seminar “Competition (law) in sports” in St. Anton (Austria, 10-13 February, 2019)

In recent years, corruption and other integrity-related scandals in sport have tainted the image of sport. More and more stakeholders (sponsors, media, public authorities and even the general public) have raised questions on the current way in which federations and sport organisations are run in their countries and around the world, especially as the sport organisations have a monopoly position (e.g. IOC, FIFA).

At the winter seminar “Competition (law) in sports in St. Anton, Peter Marx (together with other panelists Thilo Pachmann, Sofia Silva e Sousa and Loïc Pfister) discussed the problems of missing governance and potential practices of governance in Sport Associations. In his presentation, Peter also elaborated on “Operation Clean Hands” (Belgian football scandal about match fixing and money laundering) and the initiatives of the Belgian Pro League and the FIFA to regulate the activities of football agents or intermediaries.


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