18 January 2019

MVVP at Eurosonic

On January 18th, the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) presented the panel “Money for Nothing : legal tips and tricks to monetize your IP and data” at Eurosonic (Groningen, The Netherlands).

We live in a new world where big data is the new currency, artists are created on social media, music festivals are key in connecting with young audiences, and set lists are being replaced by software. The speakers (Marijn Kingma, Julian Bentley, Jeroen Lallemand and MVVP’s Peter Marx) discussed the legal aspects of these changes and the new possibilities that arise for the entertainment industry. The panel answered burning questions on data, trademarks, privacy and software tools. Topics that were discussed included the possibilities of tracking and monitoring music with software, the  use of data for profiling and marketing purposes and how to create value by protecting trademarks for artist’s names, bands and events. Peter Marx also touched on trademark disputes featuring famous artists such as 2Unlimited, John Lennon, Elvis, The Beatles and Kiss.

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