12 April 2022

Grants for innovative work organisation projects

Ridding yourself of a too rigid work organisation can be both for employer and employee positive. Employers in the private sector who introduce new ways of working around the quality of their organisation and work can no later than May 31st 2022 apply with the National Labour Council for financial support for their project.  The subsidies for employers amount to EUR 15,000.

The project with a duration of up to 18 months must definitely be aimed at:

  • a more flexible work organisation for the employer; and
  • an improvement of the work-life balance for the employee.

Further conditions to be met by the project are:

  • The work organisation project must provide for new actions, which are sufficiently prepared within the organization;
  • The project must be carried out in consultation with all the parties involved (prevention committee, trade union delegation, prevention advisers, HR, etc.) together with an expert supervisor (integrated and multidisciplinary approach – with at least 3 years of expertise and experience in work organization);
  • The change process should include several aspects of work organisation or personnel policy;
  • Result orientation and measurability are of great importance;
  • The application describes the change process step by step.


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