20 June 2016

Age discrimination

The Belgian population is ageing and budgetary costs of our social security system are increasing. The ageing population is becoming unaffordable. Employers are more and more conscious of the importance of keeping in service as well as recruiting older employees. The young and the senior generation will have to cooperate. The transfer of experience, knowledge and results from the senior to the younger generation is essential. Prejudice concerning senior employees over 55 has to be dealt with. We have to invest in the combat against age-discrimination, otherwise we endanger the future of our Belgian Labour market. A broader public awareness on age-issues in employment relations both for employers and employees is important.

Interestingly, a recent judgment from the Labour Tribunal of Ghent (Section Roeselare) revived the media’s interest for this topic. It emphasized on the financial risks Employers face in case of age-discrimination, as well as the damage it can inflict on their public image.

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