7 May 2021

MVVP’s mediation practice is growing

Lutgarde Eraly has been accredited by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission as a mediator in civil and commercial matters. This accreditation allows Lutgarde to be appointed by the Belgian Courts as mediator.

Lutgarde took several mediation courses both in Belgium and abroad and has been active in various types of alternative dispute resolution for many years now. In her latest training course at bMediation she specialized in mediation in civil and commercial matters.

Lutgarde can be consulted by parties who have been ordered by a Court to try to settle their dispute via mediation or anyone who wishes to have a dispute settled out of court.

Mediation is an interactive process where an impartial and independent third party assists disputing parties in resolving their conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. The mediator will structure this process and will encourage all participants to actively participate in it to reach a settlement.

Lutgarde always aims to address the needs, concerns and interests of all participants in the settlement.

When parties try to settle their dispute themselves, the dispute resolution process is generally less time consuming, less costly and the outcome tends to be more sustainable.

Together with Peter Marx, Lutgarde forms part of the MVVP Mediation practice. She can guide mediation processes in Dutch and English.

For further inquiries about mediation, please do not hesitate to contact Lutgarde or Peter.

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